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About me

I'm a UI designer based in Iasi, Romania. As an avid consumer of design, I draw my inspiration from all facets of life, be it music, photography, friends or emotions.

Due to the internet's role as a catalyst for globalization I was fortunate enough in my career to get involved in projects such as the web image of the French fashion house Chloé, part of the US-based startup 2point0 Concepts.

Currently I work as an UI Designer at Thinslices where we help clients build their ideas from 0 to 1 and beyond.  

I'm always happy to meet new people so don't hesitate if you want to talk about design or just want to say hello, you can always drop me an email.

What I do

Design activities I love doing.

User Experience Design

Web, mobile, wearables; in today’s world, regardless of the medium the core of a product revolves around offering a great experience, if it looks good but it doesn’t work than nobody will use it.

Web UI Design

When it comes to user interface design it’s not just show, it’s the glue that brings it all together, the work done on user experience and the features developed. Form may follow function but without a clear picture of the form it’s easy to overwhelm a user.

Mobile UI Design

Take a web experience and condense it into a mobile format – sounds easy but the subtleties that this entail are what make or break an app.

Identity & Branding

With so much focus on digital products these days it’s always a treat to work on a branding project where most of the times the focus is on the physical medium

My Latest Work


Get in touch

If you need to contact me please drop me an email by using the form below, or directly at hello@alexpricop.com