SonnyBoy is born from the need to offer to the elderly and computer illiterate a way to solve tech related problems. This was part of Iasi StartupWeekend 2016

Usually we, the young, are the ones that help our parents when they can’t figure out how to upload a photo on facebook, add a contact on their phone or move some photos from the camera to their computer. But we can’t always be there and sometimes we might have had it with the 10th time explaining that no, Mark Zuckerberg won’t delete their account if they don’t like that suspicious page.

As a team of three most of the limited time was used in trying to validate the market feasibility and revenue model, still I managed to put together a couple of screens and a logo to use in our presentation. This coupled with our CTA landing page was a good outcome and we had lots of fun and interesting discussions based on the idea.

My Involvement:

  • Discovery & Strategy
  • Sketching
  • Mobile Interface Design